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Bridges are a way to replace one or more missing teeth. Once a tooth is lost, the teeth around and opposite that space start to move. This can lead to bite changes and further tooth loss. 

A bridge utilizes support from the teeth on either side of the space. It is one way to stabilize the teeth, prevent movement and restore chewing function.


Implants can be the best way to replace a missing tooth or anchor a loose denture.

If conditions are right (like if there is adequate bone), then implants are a great solution for the missing teeth problem. Implants are a prosthetic root that is surgically placed in the jawbone by an oral surgeon. Then the implant becomes functional with a new crown or denture being placed over it.

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Also known as caps, these restorations are used when a filling is not adequate to fix the problem the tooth has. Depending on the individual circumstance, porcelain or gold crowns can be made. A crown protects a tooth from fracture and gives a nice biting surface to chew upon.

All Ceramic Crowns

These are the most life-like, beautiful crowns we can make. In the right situations, these crowns function well and look great. They are not as strong as other crowns, so they can’t be used everywhere, but with new technology, we are using more all-ceramic crowns than we used to.

Porcelain to Metal Crowns

With metal underneath the porcelain to give more strength, these crowns are the perfect option when we need more strength than porcelain by itself. These crowns can still look very nice while offering more durability.

Gold Crowns

The main advantage of a gold crown is its strength. Mostly used on back molars or short teeth, these crowns are virtually indestructible.